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We’ve created this page in memory of our wonderful Mum, Angela Shaw, who passed away at the end of May 2023. Mum was clever, fun, dynamic, and loving. She will be missed hugely by all her family and the friends she has made during her life which, we know, she considered a great and happy gift.

Mum was endlessly interested in people, places, history, literature, cultures - these interests are reflected in the books, magazines, music, pictures and crafts to be found all over our parents’ house, and were constantly fuelled and expanded by the many travels Mum and our lovely late Dad felt blessed to be in a position to take around the world.

She was steadfast in her commitment to contributing to a more caring and just society, which shone through in her professional life in social work and counselling, her life in the church, which meant so much to her, and in the community, as well as all her relationships.

It has been hard to pick a single charity that reflects all the needs and communities Mum herself supported and cared about. In the end, we’ve decided to honour Mum’s memory by setting up this page to support the World Wildlife Fund’s ecological work. Always live to green issues for as long as we can remember, in recent years Mum increasingly worried about the urgency of the climate and pollution crisis, and ultimately came to the conclusion that, since all communities and causes depend on this beautiful creation to survive and flourish, preserving and saving our planet is one of the most urgent tasks at hand for all. We think she’d be pleased to continue to have a little bit more impact on helping this planet stay healthy and beautiful. Please support this fund if you feel able.

With love and thanks to our wonderful Mum.

Cathy and Rosie

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  • £20.00 Jennifer Paddy

    I hold special memories of Angela from school days, her enthusiasms and modesty about her achievements. Remembered most fondly.

  • £10.00 John Hill

  • £30.00 Charlotte

    Friends since our days at Oxford and in Italy..we inspired each other. Thanks for choosing this environmental charity for memorial donations

  • £20.00 Anonymous

  • Another Angela

    Missing Angela and John at ‘Called to be Saints’.

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