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Mum was adventurous, creative, caring, kind, and a bringer of joy. Dad was innovative, meticulous, wise, a deep thinker, with a huge laugh!

On the 7th of July 1990 our lives were changed forever, as Denise and Eddie unexpectedly passed away in a car accident. They were on route to a well deserved weekend away when tragedy struck on the White Bridge in Knysna, South Africa. At the age of 13 I set off into a new unknown world of life after parents, and 29 years on I now look back at the journey that has meandered through periods of joy and sadness. Through the years I've learnt that grief is not a linear journey that leads you one day to your healing - it's more cyclical, as you find yourself in familiar territory but able to feel and understand in different ways with older eyes, yet still on that same journey.

My parents loved their community, they loved nature, they loved life and they loved family. My father worked in a factory and my mum was a nurse turned florist, and in all they did they touched the lives of the people around them profoundly with humility, love and commitment. Though for such a short time, I was truly blessed to have them as parents, and in ways still carry them with me.

To honour their memory I am aiming to run 29 half marathons in the next year, one for each year that has passed. The distance of 29 half marathons is the same as what their journey would have been to their destination and home, if it wasn't tragically cut short. So I will be completing their journey for them, reflecting on my own journey and sharing it with others as I write about my experience. I will be raising money for WWF particularly for protecting and planting forests as some of my fondest memories of childhood was in the beautiful, wild bush that was behind our house.

I hope you will share this journey with me! Follow my journey on Instagram at

Update 5 Oct: One half marathon done, 28 to go!

Update 13 Oct: Ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon, with the rain being kind to us. Wonderful atmosphere and sights.

Update 19 Oct: Ran an early morning half along the Basingstoke canal, beautiful Autumn morning. Three down!

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  • £10.00 Chloe

    Good luck Paul! What an amazing feat! 👍🏼

  • £20.00 KatieP

    Well done Paul! You’re incredible! So proud of all you’re achieving! Can’t wait to catch up with you all for a fish fingers when I’m home! X

  • £25.00 Selina

    What a moving tribute Paul. You are great so I'm sure your parents were too. All the best with your running journey.

  • £30.00 Kerry Blackstock

    What an epic challenge you have set yourself! It is a very moving tribute to your parents. Good luck, I know you can do it.

  • £50.00 Michael Dent

    Amazing,inspiring and tough challenge Paul for a great cause

  • £20.00 Kat Slater

    You are truly an inspiration! Good luck and keep putting one foot in front of the other :)

  • £20.00 Jen McHardy

    So many miles ahead of you such a lovely tribute. Good luck!

  • £30.00 Becca Ford

    Such an inspiring thing to do. Hope all goes well, sure you'll be amazing 🤞

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