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Wife, Mother, loving sister and loyal friend. A life dedicated to teaching.

Jean always had a four legged friend or two by her side.

Memories of Jean by Adele....

Jean was an animal lover.

Close to her Sister and Brother.

Married to Mog 'til 1997,

Together again up there in heaven.

Loved and missed by family and friends,

But fond memories ensure love never ends.

Enjoyed reading and dog walking,

Had a reputation for talking.

Always kept in touch with topical news,

Interested in opinions and views.

Loved Jurgen Klopp and LFC,

Watched Coronation Street a-vid-ly.

Exploits in a childhood gang scouting about,

Included Jacksons Pond plus a fire they couldn't put out!

Entertained many children while teaching at school,

When living in Birmingham and Liver-pool.

When people came round teacher traits came out too,

Jean even asked adults 'Did they need the loo?'

Once had a carboot sale with her Niece for a laugh,

Tried hard to sell clobber that was really quite naff.

Jean enjoyed uplifting songs like YMCA,

Hosting Sunday Dinner come what may.

Put on Xmas parties with an obligatory quiz,

Organised many games - At that Jean was a whizz.

Those Boxing Day games meant fun and cheating abound,

But Jean, the hostess, was composed and quite sound.

Jean was an adventurous human being.

In her 70's she even contemplated skiing!

Once on her way to France Jean grounded a plane!

After a night in hospital she resumed her flight again.

Spent many holidays at her cottage in Wales,

This became a source for more of these tales!

By Tan-y-Bwlch Lake Jean caused quite a to-do,

Stripped to her knickers to paddle a canoe!

On a level crossing with dog in back of car,

Her car came a cropper with the level crossing bar!

To the horror of Grandchildren collected from school,

Concerned about image and looking cool,

Jean donned a carrier bag to protect hair from rain,

The Grandchildren thought Nanna must be insane!

At Knowsley Safari Park with Rhinos in view,

She sprung from the car

to remove monkey poo!

An ambulance trip involved an important request -

To produce a lipstick was a priority quest.

Game to climb a mountain or go on a hike,

When Jean couldn't drive her car -

she suggested a bike!

Jean was a good listener

also patient and kind,

A good natured person that's hard to find.

Full of wisdom and lots of good advice,

Sociable, pleasant and so very nice.

We've many fond memories more than just this few,

Thank you Jean - for being YOU!

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  • £50.00 Jennifer and Michael Osborne

    Such a sad loss to us all Jean. Rest in Peace xxxx

  • £20.00 Sahra And Chloe Jones

    Miss you lady. Fond memories of France x

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