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Chloe was a wonderful wife to Jim, daughter to Phil and Megs and sister to Simon. She loved animals and it was always a joy to see her burst out laughing whenever she saw an elephant shrew on a wildlife documentary, however dark the current situation. Chloe's interest in wildlife was very active. Her great passion was the degu, which can be found in the wilds of Chile. She researched their behaviour as well as developing the Degutopia website, an information source for the owners of pet degus. Chloe's PhD research was about the interactions of bats and wind turbines and how they might be improved. She could often be found in the countryside taking photos of wildlife. Chloe passed away from cancer on the 8th September 2019, leaving a hole in our lives. Please help us to raise money to conserve wildlife globally in Chloe's memory.

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  • £20.00 Alison

    I was so sad to read of Chloe’s passing. She seemed a lovely lady, and Degutopia was an invaluable resource to me when I got my first degus.

  • £20.00 Anonymous

    With thanks

  • £25.00 Anonymous

    Thank you so much for Degutopia. I am hoping to get some degus soon and this website is the only comprehensive source I came across.

  • £5.00 Anonymous

    I recently acquired four degus. This has been a wonderful resource. I am terribly sorry for your loss.

  • £5.00 Anonymous

  • £5.00 A M

    Thank you so much for Degutopia, and condolonces for you loss.

  • £5.00 Anonymous

    Just visited Degutopia for the first time in months & saw the news. I am so sorry. The world is a better place for degus because of Chloe.

  • £25.00 Sue Read

    Degutopia has been so helpful to me and my Degu boys!

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